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Participation In The Blog Parade: Is There Any Mobility At All?

In a recent blog parade is currently called to write a contribution on whether there is still mobility . Anyone who hears the word “mobile” or “mobility” is certainly not thinking only of crowded highways and the latest smartphones from Apple and Co. Instead, mobility includes much more.


What about your mobility?

What about your mobility?

We are mobile, no question. Some of us travel alone or in community by car, by public transport or by bicycle.

If you are a car or cyclist … then hopefully drive exclusively and focus on the traffic. If not, at least we often hear that we are dealing with upcoming events and events in the train, for example. Meanwhile, we might even have enough peace to read a book in a relaxed way. Alternatively, the daily newspaper is also available on the tablet , where we would then again be on the subject of “mobile”.

More and more often we see electric bikes and electric vehicles on the streets, on the billboards and co. Why not access? For many people, electric bicycles unfortunately still in the prohibitive area, quite apart from electric cars. However, the trend is moving towards more eco-friendly mobility, and we sincerely hope that the trend will develop faster than we burden our environment. That remains only a wishful dream, but we belong to those people who want to make a contribution , if it is in our power.


Our further thoughts on mobility

Our further thoughts on mobility

Apart from the general point of view, it is also possible to view the subject of mobility quite differently. Not only in the area of ​​travel is “mobile” the buzzword, but also in the area of ​​financing . If, for example, you decide to go for financing or investment, then it is sometimes advisable to put some mobility into practice here as well.

Often it is the habits, contacts, everyday life, often also your own indecision and much more, which keeps us from doing something more mobile or courageous in this area too. What keeps us from exploring new opportunities and saying goodbye to the house bank, at least for this desire to finance or invest?

With this open question we would like to conclude our contribution to the blog parade “Is there still mobility” and in this sense we would like to thank the organizer for the nice idea.

Here are some special contributions from other participants of the blog parade, whose articles we found extremely exciting. We think that everyone can take something from this topic – whether for a financing, for their everyday commuting, or for some thoughts on the environment.

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